New Fire Cells Conspiracy contact e-mail

The general contact e-mail address for the imprisoned members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy has changed.

The new address is:

sinomosiapf [at] riseup [dot] net

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Claim for bombing at La Florida Prosecutor’s Office in Santiago, Chile

From Liberación Total (September 14, 2012):


We attacked the Southern Prosecutor’s Office because it symbolizes law enforcement. From there, people are sent to prison. People are sentenced for crimes and offenses. Most of those crimes and legal infractions are related to transgressions against property. The main function of the law is to maintain the social order, and the current order prioritizes safeguarding the property of the powerful (whether capitalists or bureaucrats), not people. The law pledges to protect the rich and condemn the poor, as well as all who speak out against or directly attack this system of domination.

Security is everything to those who are afraid. They fear the loss of their privilege. They therefore created their police, armies, and prisons. They therefore judge, torture, kill, and imprison us.

We must confront and attack what exploits and oppresses us with all the means at our disposal, from gunpowder to knives. It’s time to make those who maintain this system pay for the misery it inflicts on the majority.

They love the law and we hate it, just like we detest their institutions, which ensure that everything remains the same.

Their peace depends on our passivity.

Let’s learn to find and use the tools that will allow us to oppose this hideous reality and those who support it.

We are quietly watching your routines. Think before beating, torturing, abusing, judging, or imprisoning. A sword is poised over your heads.

Brotherly greetings to those who clash with power in any way, anywhere.

Solidarity with all those abducted by Capital and the State. Our actions are a cry of reminder that you are not alone, that we are at war. A brotherly greeting to comrade Mario López, imprisoned by the Mexican State for directly attacking the enemy.

Revolutionary greetings to all individuals connected to the struggle of the Fire Cells Conspiracy and the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front, to all those at war with domination.



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Summary of days 28, 29, and 30 (Wednesday, September 5; Friday, September 7; and Tuesday, September 11) of 2nd Halandri Case trial

Wednesday, September 5
The four Fire Cells Conspiracy members refused to attend this trial session, thereby showing their opposition to the vindictive transfers imposed on them during the summer, as they were brought back to Korydallos Prison in Athens just one day before the session. The trial was adjourned to Friday, September 7.

Friday, September 7
Comrade Christos Tsakalos refused to attend the session, and instead sent the following statement:

I refuse to take part in your circus of a trial. What you represent reeks of submission, and your spectacle is cheap and repulsive. As for your conviction: frame it and hang it on your office wall, because it is meaningless to me. Nothing can stop the actions of the Fire Cells Conspiracy and the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front. The wolf inside of us is still on guard, and it doesn’t forget. Nothing is over. Everything continues. Anarchy and rebellious action will be illegal or they will be nothing.

During the session, tension grew between the attending Fire Cells Conspiracy members (Damiano Bolano, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, and Michalis Nikolopoulos) and the judges.

The presiding judge referred to the phrase used by the comrades during one of the previous sessions, when they addressed the judges by saying: “You can stick your extenuating circumstances up your asses.” The comrades repeated this phrase, thus showing their total disdain toward the court and expressing their hostile intentions toward the state’s justice. Also—during the entirety of the first Halandri Case trial as well as now during the second installment—the Fire Cells Conspiracy members have maintained a completely antijuridical position, whether by refusing to appear in the courtroom, by firing their attorneys, by making anarchist statements in court directed against the state and its society, or by their offensive gestures toward the judges (throwing pamphlets, insulting the prosecutor, attacking the courthouse police guards, etc.).

During this session, the comrades insulted the presiding judge and the prosecutor, while at the same time Damiano Bolano got up and threw a bottle of water that broke against the judges’ bench. The comrades were immediately surrounded by the pigs, who prevented them from further following through with their threatening intentions. Things therefore continued at the verbal level. As an epilogue to the session, the comrades fired their attorneys and left the courtroom, thus interrupting the trial. While leaving, they constantly insulted the judges, and even managed to spit directly in their faces. The session ended at once, and the next session was scheduled for Tuesday, September 11.

Tuesday, September 11
None of the Fire Cells Conspiracy members attended this session, nor did their attorneys. All four Fire Cells Conspiracy members sent written statements in which they explained that in addition to refusing to attend a “circus trial,” as they called it, they would not be accepting representation by any attorney. Despite that, the judges designated new court-appointed attorneys, even though the presiding judge himself said that the Fire Cells Conspiracy comrades were of course not going to accept them. The next session was scheduled for Wednesday, September 19.

New criminal prosecutions against the Fire Cells Conspiracy
Already translated here by our comrades at Contra Info.

The next trial
We remind readers that the next Fire Cells Conspiracy trial will begin on October 8. The trial will cover four separate cases: the sending of incendiary packages on November 1, 2010 (claimed by the Fire Cells Conspiracy), the arrests made during the December 4, 2010 antiterrorist operation, the arrests made in Volos in March 2011, and the May 2011 shootout with police in Pefki. Seventeen people are facing charges, among whom are nine Fire Cells Conspiracy members, anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos, the four anarchists arrested in December 2010 (Stella Antoniou, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitrousias, and Costas Sakkas), comrade Constantinos Papadopoulos (arrested in Athens in March 2011 on the same day as the five Fire Cells Conspiracy comrades in Volos, but released a few days later with precautionary measures), and the two fugitive comrades Yiannis Michailidis and Dimitris Politis.

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Stefano Gabriele Fosco lashes out at the antijuridical position

In this most recent letter from Stefano Gabriele Fosco, who ran the Culmine blog before he was arrested in the context of Operation Ardire, he fires back at those who have been criticizing anarchist prisoners for using elements of the the legal system (lawyers, appeals, court appearances, witness questioning, etc.) in order to actually get out of prison. It’s definitely worth a read for some sensible insight into a rather distressing polemic that has lately been gaining steam.

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New communiqués from Operation Ardire prisoners

The prisoners explain why their order for custody is not something they want shared, while Sergio Maria Stefani joins the hunger strike. Act for Freedom Now! has it all covered, here and here.

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