Summary of Day 2 (December 20) of 2nd Halandri Case Trial

From Culmine (December 21, 2011):

As the session began, three of the defendants announced that their attorney for the day would be H. Sypsas. Sypsas works with Frangiskos Ragousis, who is general counsel for the defendants. Ragousis was unable to attend the session due to health issues. Later on, the public defenders assigned by the judges to represent Damiano Bolano requested that the session be suspended because they were unable to review the enormous case brief. After a short break, the presiding judge announced the postponement of the trial until January 9, 2012.

To better facilitate communication, the defense attorneys requested that their clients remain at Korydallos until the next trial session instead of being sent back to “their” corresponding prisons (Grevena, Trikala, and Komotini). The presiding judge responded with the usual: “That’s not within our jurisdiction.” Thus, an admission that those who really decide are the pigs and prison authorities. Before the close of the session, the defendants asked to read a statement. The statement and its brief introduction, as read by Christos Tsakalos, can be found here.

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