Statement by imprisoned Fire Cells Conspiracy members in solidarity with Marco Camenisch and Zerman Elias

On our part, we are responding to the call by the Street-Fighting Political Prisoner Group (Gonzalo Zapata, Cristobal Franke, Zerman Elias) for international solidarity with Zerman Elias, who was arrested by three undercovers in Chile on September 22 after throwing a Molotov at a police water cannon vehicle during a student march.

Power insulted Zerman with deeply racist comments in order to send the message that, in a climate of total xenophobia, immigrants have to keep quiet. Otherwise, they will be imprisoned and extradited.

Additionally, when the police interrogated him and asked for his collaboration, our comrade refused to even tell them his own name.

We also want to send a solidarity smoke signal to eco-anarchist Marco Camenisch, who is locked up in Lenzburg prison. Marco has been behind bars for 20 years as a result of of his eco-anarchist actions and general activities. On February 8, a prefabricated hearing is scheduled to take place regarding his conditional release, but it’s almost certain that the petition will be rejected by the henchmen of Swiss “justice.”

To these comrades, and to all who are fighting against every kind of power and its civilization, we dedicate the following words:

“Because solidarity among anarchists isn’t just a word.”

For quite some time now, an unusual discussion has been going on. Strangers are talking, sharing, and planning in different languages. They are talking about their experiences and the moments of illegality they lived in opposition to the state and its society. They are sharing the solitude of their cells, altered by days of negation and opposition in the face of the prison guards’ orders and batons. They are planning new rebellions to take the place of the ones that were interrupted by their arrests, and they continue to be anarchists of action, always in combat.

We are thus building the Black International of anarchist prisoners. The Black International isn’t a union that nullifies the diversity and individuality of each imprisoned comrade. Instead, we want it to be a cohesive trajectory that creates bridges of communication between us. Each letter, text, and publication that passes through our hands and each solidarity attack that reaches our hearts is a little “master key” that unlocks, even if just for an instant, the days and nights we spend trapped inside here. This gives us the strength to write about the things we want to experience and the things we have experienced but aren’t apologizing for.

We want the word “anarchy” to be heard in every spoken language and to lash out, through thousands of hands and in thousands of ways, against every moment of power—with texts, Molotovs, explosions, bullets, robberies, kidnappings, and escapes.

Therefore, let these words be a small promise to our brothers and sisters imprisoned in the furthest corners of the Earth. On the anarcho-calendar of possibility, someplace far from the eyes of the police and their snitches, a secret day is marked. On that day, comrades’ names will be matched to their faces, and hands will find the warmth of other hands extended in friendly greeting. At those gatherings, whether near or far, we will be on time and we will make sure to save two seats for you, brothers Marco and Zerman.

Friends among friends, comrades among comrades, conspirators among conspirators, forever anarchists in combat.

Because wolves are never housebroken.

—Imprisoned members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy Revolutionary Organization (Informal Anarchist Federation); February 6, 2012

SOLIDARITY with comrades Marco Camenisch and Zerman Elias.


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