Aliste/Fuentevilla/Villarroel hunger strike update

From Liberación Total (February 21, 2012) via Freddy, Marcelo y Juan a la Calle! (February 21, 2012):

Since February 17, comrades Juan Aliste, Freddy Fuentevilla, and Marcelo Villarroel have been on Hunger Strike to coincide with the days of international solidarity agitation for their release (February 19–29).

At the moment, we know that our comrades have been punished and placed into solitary confinement in response to the method of struggle they are undertaking. They are also being denied water in a clear attempt to annihilate them, not just morally but physically as well, since a lack of sufficient fluid for over 10 days would lead to serious health problems for the three fighters.

The attitude of judicial power—as incarnated in the prison guards and various lackeys—is to be expected, as is the obsequiousness of the mass media. The entire system of domination is adopting an attitude of blatant revenge in the face of those who neither yield nor apologize, but instead keep their heads high and their fists firm and ready to fight. Obviously, on one side are executioners serving the system, while on the other side are revolutionaries, subversives, anarchists—prisoners of the social war.

Punishing them sends a message to other potential or active combatants: you will be obliterated. It has been attempted before in the region controlled by the Argentine State, and it is now being attempted on the other side of the mountains. Nevertheless, they will achieve nothing more than strengthening the convictions of those who know that only struggle makes us free.

Right now on the outside, where we must break the prevailing silence that aims to bury our comrades alive, any gesture of solidarity is welcome and desirable.

Subversion may slumber, but it will never disappear!

While there is misery there will be rebellion!



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