Panayiotis Masouras released from prison

We happily wish to inform you that our comrade Panayiotis “Takis” Masouras is back on the streets. Yesterday, March 19, Masouras submitted his petition for a suspended sentence and the judges granted his request. At 5:30 p.m. he walked out of Korydallos Prison and straight into the arms of dozens of comrades, friends, and family members.

You’ll recall that Masouras was arrested on September 23, 2009 during an antiterrorist operation supposedly undertaken with the (hardly successful, as history has shown) objective of “dismantling the Fire Cells Conspiracy.” After spending 18 months in prison (first at Avlona Juvenile Prison and then at Korydallos Prison in Athens), he was granted a conditional release in March 2011. However, in July 2011 he was sentenced to 11 years in prison at the conclusion of the first Halandri Case trial and sent to Grevena High-Security Prison. Masouras always denied being a member of the Fire Cells Conspiracy, but the whole time—in prison as well as during the trial—he maintained a dignified, proud attitude as an anarchist.

Masouras has nevertheless been called to appear before prosecutors next week on March 27. They will then decide if and in what capacity (as defendant or witness) he will be summoned to one of the upcoming Fire Cells Conspiracy trials for “250 arsons and bombings.”

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