Summary of day 12 (Monday, March 26) of 2nd Halandri Case trial

The session began with the testimony of former interior minister Panayiotis Hinofotis, who categorically denied that the bomb left outside his apartment by the Fire Cells Conspiracy could have posed a danger to human life. Hinofotis said the bomb was placed on the roof above the building’s storage space, and that the roof shielded the building’s residents from the bomb’s blast wave. Also, given the lack of a staircase leading to the storage space, it was almost impossible for anyone to coincidentally find themselves there. Hinofotis added that the bomb, apart from discoloring a wall, was of such low strength that it caused no structural damage to the building itself.

Under cross-examination by the defense, Hinofotis admitted that it was clear that the Fire Cells Conspiracy had political reasons to target him. Christos Tsakalos then reminded the court of Hinofotis “glorious past” as a second lieutenant in the military during the Junta.

After Hinofotis came the testimony of the witnesses (all police) to the bombing at the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace. Six of them admitted that they weren’t even on duty that day and only heard about the incident through newspaper and television reports. One police officer said there were actually two warning calls demanding that the area be evacuated. The remaining police witnesses who were on duty that night contributed very little, with one saying the explosion posed absolutely no danger to human life and the other saying he simply didn’t know either way.

The trial will continue on Monday, April 2.

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