Wave of hunger strikes in Greek prisons

Prisoners throughout Greece, some connected to the Fire Cells Conspiracy and some unconnected, have gone on hunger strike to confront various abuses by the state and its jailers. The strikers and their communiqués are as follows:

Stella Antoniou, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitrousias, and Costas Sakkas

Panayiotis Argyrou and Gerasimos Tsakalos

Christos Tsakalos

Vangelis Kailoglou

And finally, in solidarity with the hunger strikers, a rejection of prison food by 130 prisoners in the 1st Wing of Korydallos Prison.

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2 Responses to Wave of hunger strikes in Greek prisons

  1. Thanks for the context! It is much appreciated.


  2. just for info says:

    […η οργή μας είναι τσεκούρι πάνω απ’ τα κεφάλια σας που όλο γυρίζει…γυρίζει…γυρίζει…]
    “Our rage is like an ax hanging over your heads, always swinging, swinging, swinging.” —Christos Tsakalos

    this phrase can be seen as reference to a verse by anarchist Katerina Gogou, in her poem on lonileness
    [Η μοναξιά…η μοναξιά μας λέω. Για τη δική μας λέω…είναι τσεκούρι στα χέρια μας που πάνω από τα κεφάλια σας γυρίζει γυρίζει γυρίζει…]

    instead of loneliness, here we have rage


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