Friends of the Earth torch police car in Buenos Aires

As we’ve already stated, the police will be attacked, whether with bullets, fire, or explosives. We call the things we do by their names, and we want our comrades to do the same. We’re not going to say we’re carrying out a rat poison campaign by torching a police car, and while we don’t dismiss that option, there’s a time for everything.

We encourage all actions that aim to break with order, indifference, and normality, regardless of the effectiveness of those actions. But we feel that a better analysis of reality is necessary when the time comes to undertake an action in solidarity with the prisoners of the social war, as well as more appropriate decision-making regarding the type of conflictivity we want to provoke in order to spread the chaos and destruction being proposed by the Informal Anarchist Federation in this region. We are aware of the need to multiply actions against symbols of power and exploitation, and we believe that the best way to raise the cry of destruction is through propaganda by the deed. We therefore adhere to the Informal Anarchist Federation project, contributing with direct attacks against capital and the state, inciting direct action, and exchanging views with other comrades who have decided to shift to the offensive.

Thus, as the comrades from the Fire Cells Conspiracy Revolutionary Organization have already suggested to us, we must reiterate that it would be better for us not only to have a radical and insurrectionary discourse through which we can feel ourselves identified with the Informal Anarchist Federation, but also to bring that intransigence into the daily practice of our lives—even more so when we join the front to ensure that anarchy lives.

Let’s be clearer and more blunt by explaining to those interested in our actions—however, wherever, and whenever we do what we do—that all our intentions should be more sincere and contain greater relevance and commitment in this war to the end.

At 1:30 a.m. on October 1, 2012 we torched a patrol car belonging to the 47th Precinct of the Argentine Federal Police (at 4250 Avenida Nazca in Villa Pueyrredon), at the very corner of that taco stand, right under their noses and their cameras.

We also claim responsibility for setting fire to a luxury vehicle parked next to the SPS private security and surveillance company in Villa Devoto.

—Friends of the Earth (Informal Anarchist Federation)

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